Position: Research Assistant – Drug Screening in Zebrafish Animal Model

Background: Due to the lack of adequate research models, pharmaceutical drugs are reaching the market on an incredibly low pace of research. Pentagrit aims to break this barrier through innovative methods of creating research models, that are far more equivalent to human disease than those exists today. Currently Pentagrit has proof of concept platforms which is being employed in the industry. However, we are looking forward to make this platform larger, faster and sharper and to cover the entire range of disease portfolio. Towards this we are looking for candidates who are naturally curious for excellence.  To achieve this candidate must have intense energy, thirst for accuracy and ambitious to be a part of a team that is very serious about developing research platforms that enables safe  drugs to reach faster to patients.

Experience Required: Minimum 1 Year experience in Research Labs or Fresher

Office Location: Perumbakkum, Chennai

Salary: Industry Standard 

Functional Area: Pharma/Biotech/R&D

Instructions to Apply: Due to ongoing Covid situation we are revising our recruitment method as below.

Please share a 3 minute video of 

  1. A brief introduction of yourself

  2. How does a career with Pentagrit help you achieve your long-term goals? 

  3. What would be a good reason for Pentagrit to onboard you?


email only the video file to kal@pentagrit.com. Do not attach any documents such as CV/Certificates.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Nature of work consists of mainly PCR, Pathology, Biochemical Test, Behavioral Assay, Animal Care, Report Writing and Submissions

  2. Ability to follow established protocols without deviation and deliver results within scheduled time

  3. Ability to manage repetitive assays for several samples for routine testing requirement

  4. Ability to communicate fluently and clearly on daily tasks on time

  5. Ability to document routine data in research ledgers with quality compliance to Good Lab Practices.

  6. Ability to follow the planned steps in research without any deviations

  7. Ability to work closely with immediate supervisor with constant communication of all tasks achieved

  8. Ability to clearly explain methods that were followed during period audits

  9. Candidate must be able to clear quality reviews during periodic quality evaluation

  10. Candidate must be involved during the entire course of study duration

  11.  Ability to write reports with industry standard research language and meticulous attention to data and representing

  12. Candidate must be able to perform multiple fine fish dissections

  13. Ability to document images in the format as provided in the protocol

  14. Ability to adhere to the planned course of work for the day on schedule

  15. Thorough knowledge on preparing solutions, cold storage methods, Imaging, use of biostatistics tools