Opportunities with Pentagrit

Solving Problems, Transforming Science

There are few who will change the world to a place where others will follow




About Pentagrit:

Pentagrit employs zebrafish as a model to replicate human disease progress. Towards this we need to develop reproducible methods in zebrafish that drive change in the drug discovery industry.

The fundamental functions through which we plan to achieve these are

1.   Method Development and Validation

2.   Adherence to Standard Operation Procedures


Current Vacancies at Pentagrit:

Level I - Research Process Technician:

Role: Execute tasks as per established SOPs, without deviation. Continually electronic log the same. Close daily tasks on provided time frame with continual communication with Sprint Lead.


What candidates can expect from Pentagrit:

1.   Opportunity to building a career on applications of science


Career Path at Pentagrit:

Level I - Research Process Technician: We consider that our processes are unique and therefore each new candidate (with or without experience) as a mandate spends the first 3 years as Research Process Technician. During this period of exposure, the candidate understands how vital, process compliance is to delivering services to customer. Here the candidate is exposed to a few but repetitive tasks. The candidate needs to equip themselves with communication skills to ensure tasks are completed on time and deviations are reported.


Level II- Scientist: After a successful stint of adherence to processes for 3 years, experienced Research Process Technicians can move into a role of scientist where they develop methods and standards. During this period of exposure, scientist understand how the use of intuition and sense can be applied to develop simple solutions that drive great change for the customer.


Level III - Group Lead: After spending 3 years applying solutions as a Scientist, the candidate can move to the group lead position based on the availability. In this position there is flexibility of the group lead to choose an industry problem, identify budgets and create a pathway for Scientist and Process Technicians. The focus needs to be a "dire need to accelerate discovery without compromising accuracy".


We are looking for people who will work their way up with us and not open to any direct applications for Scientists or Group Lead.


What we look for in candidates:

Pentagrit does not hire for skills or degree; the application process is open to all.

We look for

1.   People who can comply with established processes and deliver within the timelines scheduled

All required training is provided at Pentagrit.


Recruitment Process:

We follow a three-step recruitment process

Step 1: Candidate to virtual video Introduce to us, that helps us understand overlaps between candidates’ goals and Pentagrit’ s goals.

Step 2: Pentagrit provides a sedated zebrafish, and the candidate is evaluated for dissection skills on site to understand if lab skills come naturally to the candidate

Step 3: Pentagrit provides a detailed explanatory process on the various functions in the company and our future goals. This would help the candidate to identify if this job role at Pentagrit is worth to pursue

If you are interested to apply, start with step 1:

Step 1: Please share a 3-minute video of 

1.   A brief introduction of yourself

2.   How does a career with Pentagrit help you achieve your long-term goals? 

3.   What would be a good reason for Pentagrit to onboard you?

email only the video file to ben@pentagrit.com. Do not attach any documents such as CV/Certificates.


We will review the video application and respond within 2 weeks’ time.


Remuneration: As per Industry Standard and Performance Based