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A Reliable Discovery Platform


Hi, I am Kalai, Founder & Scientific Director at Pentarigrit.

Welcome to our website !

Pentagrit is a fully owned and fully integrated Discovery lab. We offer you a time tested reliable discovery platform.
Zebrafish as our sole research model because

- Zebrafish larvae responds to a dose variation at picogram scale

-With similar feeding pattern to humans, the gut flora and endocrine system of zebrafish closely resembles human neuroendocrine system

- Zebrafish memory and cognition carry similar behavioral and physiological traits as in humans 

A Dependable Research Data

Hi, I am Ben,  I lead Discovery Innovations at Pentarigrit.

You will find this space interesting !

Data generated in zebrafish model is unique, it is an
-In vivo data with a fully functional physiological axis, ensures you are moving the right candidates forward 

-With flexibility like cellular assays, saves time on assays

- Automated data capture and batch processing offers reproducible results with statistical strength for your candidates

Hi, I am Dr.Bibhas Kar and lead Scientific Advisory Comittee.

This is important to us ! 

 With accreditations to CPCSEA and AAALAC,  we practise
-Humane care of Animals

-Efficient use of models with  3Rs

- Reinforce over and again

Adherence to Standards

A Transparent Relationship


Hi, I am Hamsa,  I Co-ordinate research activities at Pentagrit.

Welcome to our Transparent Research Operations.

- Flexible  CRO Partner
- Understand  your candidate requirements are unique
- Our Transparent and  communicative nature ensures you meet timelines
We enable a lean candidate advancement as a

State of Art Fish Stocks


Hi, I am Viji,  I Oversee Animal Quality and Maintenance

Healthy Animals = Quality Data

We maintain a drift free stock through routine outbreeding,
- Animal Vet and dietary team offers quality husbandry
 Repeatedly graded animal groups for comparable data sets.
- Full time inhouse fertility experts ensures healthy larvae
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