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 Gene Transfer

Administration of viral and non viral plasmids can be expressed from targeted localized gene transfer. These transduced cells are able to express the transgene that can pass into the systemic circulation. 

3 Advantages of our 60 day Testing Platform:

  • Test for Long term expression: Assays include Gene expression, protein expression and protein activity

  • Test for Heightened transgene expression: RT-PCR testing will be conducted to test if the gene is producing heightened copy number. As opposed to in vitro, our in vivo platform has high translational efficiency

  • Test for High transfection efficiency: Gene sequencing and sequence specific PCR will be done to test for replacement of damaged gene thereby ensuring production of corrective protein

Therapeutic Applications

  • Rare neuronal diseases

  • Gene Replacement Therapy

  • Antitumor

  • Inherited Gene Disorders

  • Mono and Multigene Disorders


In Vivo Gene Editing in Zebrafish

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