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“Identify promising candidates,
Ensure fool proof translation”

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Neuro-Behavioral Toxicity Screening System

The Z-ephys system designed at Pentagrit Zebrafish CRO enables identification of promising candidates early in the discovery pipeline and in fool proof translation to field applications by accurate measure of dose range responses and neurobehavior toxicity under a varying stimuli environment. Compound data generated from Z-ephys can be decoded to establish roles of functional groups.

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Z-ePhys Capabilities

Screening capacity

 10,000 Compounds per Week

Turnaround time

14 Days

Human Equivalence endpoints

Customise Endpoints as in Targets of Human Pathophysiology

Dosing Methods

Water Dissolution, Electroporation of Large Molecules


Behavioural Phenotype, Morphological Phenotype, Biochemistry, Expression Profiles

High resolution Assay Window

Measures Target Activity in an assay setup where wild type and model are significantly different

Data capture & archive automation

 Unbiased and High Quality In-vivo Data

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