Penta: across 5 Continents; Grit: Unyielding

We are a Pre-Clinical Development CRO with 100% focus on Zebrafish as a research model for screening service.  We hold the expertise to precisely resolve candidate activity, through our experience of monitoring hundreds of compounds in various zebrafish models that replicate human pathophysiology.


Our Unique Story


Pentagrit is led by a team of patriarchs from global leading academia with a focus on the robust zebrafish as a research model. We are a team of scientists who share the passion for research & the zest to contribute to the scientific community

"Generating accurate research models are laborious and time consuming" , But not with US

We consolidated this process through maintenance of a living library of zebrafish phenotypes from which single gene mutants are constantly fished out. Fished out mutants are evaluated for displaying sequential pathophysiology with human equivalence. To replicate infection and multi-gene disorders we have identified human equivalence translation of infection load, antibody titers and cell grafts in zebrafish that reproduce the sequential pathophysiology.

Our Facility

  • ​​Zebrafish research model facility with capacity of 10,000 Adults

  • Zebrafish breeding farm to generate lineages with capacity of 3 million eggs per day

  • Zebrafish necropsy and pathology lab with assessments by certified pathologist and state of art tools

  • Zebrafish core lab  for biochemical analysis

  • Zebrafish specialty lab for ECG, Respiration and Behaviour Studies

  • Zebrafish molecular lab for the design of humanised models and biomarker evaluations

  • Fish vet network to verify model traits that are genotype driven

  • Zebrafish kit developers towards accurate endpoint assessment

  • Data science experts with ability to interpret new and complex outcomes