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Pentagrit Discovery Services Platform

1. Dose Response Studies

Phenotype Rescue Plate Assays

Field Test - locomotion activity, Movement Phenotype - Darting, Stereotype, Jerky, Tremor, Social Behavior - Anxiety, Wall Butt, Withdrawal, Depression, Habituation - Sleep, Startle Reflex, Fear Response, Behavior - Pain, Inflammation and Fever etc...


     Functional Rescue Assays

Brain Activity, ECG, Thread Mill Cardiac Performance, Bone & Joint Movements, Tumor Volume, Vasculitis etc...

Screenshot (20).png

2. Proof of Concept Studies

Biomarker Assays

ELISA/IHC CSF extracts of Total Tau, SERUM, NeFl, IgM,CRP, pNfH, CHIT, IGF1,Nfl, MOG, sIFNAR2,MPO,CXCL1,p53, APC, TEN, Cellular Markers - PAX-5, CD79a, F4/80, ED2 etc...


  Pathological Scoring Assays

Histology Scoring Striatal Microglia, Neurodegeneration, All Pathies, Liver Score Ulceration Score, Tumor, etc...

Control 23092022-0026_edited_edited_edit

3. Physiological Response Studies

Serum Profile Assays

Fasting Glucose, Glucose Tolerance, Triglyceride, Cholesterol, CRP, etc...

Total Cholesterol.jpg

Blood Profile Assays

Haematology Leukocyte Count, Blood Count, Platelets Marrow and Spleen Samples etc...


4. Mechanisms of Activity (MOA) 

Gene Expression RT-PCR

IL-1 IL-6 TNF-α CCL2, MMP3 etc...

Relative Expression.jpg

5. Safety Studies

Safety Toxicology

Intestine Length, Liver Cirrhosis, Cardiac Hypertrophy, Organ Toxicity Sytemic Toxicology


6. Translational Studies

Bioavailability Exposure Assays 

Bioavailability Tissue Concentrations vs Time Expore Time and Elimination

Brain Tissue 03092022-0001(2).jpg

Quality of life Measures

Body Weight, Survival, Quality of life score

Survival proportions_ Survival of Kaplan Meiers.jpg
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