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Our Routine Service Lines

Efficacy Screening

  1. Quantitative Histopathology Larvae, Adult

  2. Immunohistochemistry Whole Mount

  3. Immunohistochemistry Sections


  5. ELISA Organ Extracts

  6. Kinetic Assays from Organ Extracts

  7. Gene Expression Profiling

  8. CRISPR Knockouts for Target Validation

  9. CRISPR Editing for Humanization of Targets

  10. Over expression of exogenous proteins

  11. Serum Chemistry

  12. Blood Cell Count

  13. Marrow Cell Count

  14. Modified Diet Treatments

  15. Time Course Rescue Studies

  16. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

  17. Antigen evoked pathology

  18. Antigen Titration

  19. Cellular Response Measure

  20. Regeneration Measure

  21. Progress of Disease Measure

  22. Survival Measure

  23. Behavioral Screening (Pain, Anxiety, Aggression, Depression, Withdrawal, Visual response etc.)

  24. Phenotype Screening ( Twitch, Darting, Corkscrew, Tail Flick etc.)

  25. Cognitive Screening (Memory, Learning, etc)

  26. Local Field Potential Signature (Schizophrenia spikes, Average amplitude measure, etc)

In VIVo Pharmacology

  1. PKPD, Bioavailability

  2. Plasma Concentrations vs Time

HERG and Toxicity Screening

  1. ECG

  2. QT Prolongation

  3. Arrythmia

  4. Necroscopy Endpoints

  5. Systemic Toxicity

  6. Acute and Chronic Toxicity

  7. Device Implant Toxicity

  8. Body weight Measure

agrochemical efficacy 

1. Pesticide Efficacy 

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